The ancient roots of Jainism: reading list and notes


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[1] Lord Mahavira and His Times by Kailash Chand Jain, pp.129-141, pp. 152-356
[2] The Heathen in His Blindness: Asia, the West, and the Dynamic of Religion by S. N. Balagangadhara, pp. 228-238
[3] Buddhist Saints in India: A Study in Buddhist Values and Orientations, by Reginald A. Ray, pp. 65-68
[4] Sudras in Ancient India: A Social History of the Lower Order Down, by Ram Sharan Sharma, pp. 1-45, p. 147
[5] Way of Life: King, Householder, Renouncer : Essays in Honour of Louis Dumont by T. N. Madan, (Romila Thapar’s paper) pp. 273-297
[6] The Two Sources of Indian Asceticism by Johannes Bronkhorst, pp. 76-88
[7] Class and Religion in Ancient India by Jayantanuja Bandyopadhyaya, pp. 149-169
[8] Studies in the Origins of Buddhism by Govind Chandra Pande, pp. 250-368, pp. 540-566, pp. 541-574
[9] Karma and Rebirth in Classical Indian Traditions by Wendy Doniger, pp. 3-37
[10] The Origins of Yoga and Tantra: Indic Religions to the Thirteenth Century by Geoffrey Samuel, pp. 1-8
[11] The Ancient Indus Valley: New Perspectives by Jane McIntosh, Chapter 9
[12] Extracts from transliterations and translations of the Rig Veda

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