The team

The team
The team at Anveshan is a multidisciplinary ensemble of creative people.

While exploring the tenets of the ancient philosophy of Jainism and rediscovering these values in the modern day context, we found convergence towards a common goal. We all strive towards living as one—an interconnected, empathetic, aware, planet.

Project directors
Rajiv Rathod
Simar Kohli

Advisory board
Anugraha (Graphic design and visual art solutions, Mumbai)
Madhusudan Amilal Dhaky (Mentor – Anveshan, scholar, historian, Ahmedabad)
Philip Horvath (Catalyst, business consultant, Los Angeles)
Pradeep Rathod (Philanthropist, businessman, Mumbai)
Ramesh Babu (Director of strategy, Hewlett-Packard Global Business Services, Bangalore)
R.P. Jain (Publisher, Motilal Benarsidass, Delhi)
Vimal Chand Rathod (Businessman, financial advisor, Bangalore)

Dhruva Ghosh (Head of research)
Manu Singh
Rajiv Rathod
Sweta Daga

Film concept
Rajiv Rathod

Film production
Simar Kohli

Dhruva Ghosh
Philip Horvath

Dhruva Ghosh (Head of content)

Graphic design
Rahul Das

Ashish Bansal (Accountant)
Rajiv Rathod (Head of funds)

Simar Kohli (Head of community management)

Alphaeus Moses
Mukul Das

Arputh Mary (Caretaker of the guest-house)