March-July 2014 update

March-July 2014 update


Jai Jinendra!

It has been a busy few months at Project Anveshan. The highlight was the meeting with our patron, business leader Mr. Pradeep Ghisoulal Rathod. He was kind enough to make time for the Anveshan delegation. Most importantly, Mr. Rathod approved our project plan and budget, giving his best wishes to the official launch of Project Anveshan.

The project was also fortunate to have in attendance Philip Horvath, a senior and highly respected international expert on innovation in leadership, work culture and large-scale media processes. His training sessions have helped the team identify a clear vision, work-ethic and processes to create high quality media products.

He has also spent a lot of time with Manu Singh, our new Head Archivist, building and evolving an original archival system that is pathbreaking in the Indian market and completely customised to the project’s complex needs.

The project also welcomes Shaan Shiv Suleman, our new Head of Design. Shaan is a young and tremendously talented multi-disciplinary designer, who has taken the branding and look of Project Anveshan to a new level.

There are few Jain scholars who command as much respect as Dhaky ji. Our production team conducted a detailed interview with him in Ahmedabad in April this year. This was also the first Anveshan activity for Gayatri Ganju, our project assistant and photo archivist. She has also photographed a young family of four embracing diksha in Mumbai. Besides being a staff photographer, Gayatri will also be responsible for our Behind the Scenes film. Like all of team Anveshan, Gayatri plays multiple roles.

The Anveshan research team has been building a research corpus on Jainism, combining rigourous ratification with practical on-field research, leading to outputs using various media. To help with exploration and field research, Sweta Daga has joined the team as a research associate.

Overall, progress has been steady and assured. The project is now looking for a larger office space to expand the work capacity of our growing departments.
Please read ahead for more detailed explorations of the work that has been accomplished and what we have planned in the next month at Project Anveshan.

Thanks and warm wishes.

Team Anveshan

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