Get involved

One of the underlying motives of Project Anveshan it is to foster a community and a platform dedicated to better the understanding of the Jain tradition. Being mentored and guided by some of the most renowned scholars on the subject has been a big first step in this direction. However, there is scope to engage many more people.


We call on the community at large to participate in this on-going conversation. If you can help out in any way (be it in the form of interesting Jain stories or just putting us in touch with other people who can offer assistance) please send us a message. We would be happy to reach out and facilitate more connectedness.

Project Anveshan is a sizeable team of individuals committed to sharing the insights of Jainism with the world. For it to become a platform where all stakeholders (mentors, guides, students, researchers, the Jain community, etc.) have a fulfilling journey, it is essential to maintain the teams which are doing the research, producing the content and curating the material.


If you believe in this effort and would like to help us raise funds or contribute personally, please send us a message and we will take the conversation forward.

Your contribution will help us to travel and document extensively, to purchase suitable equipment for the project, to build the online community, and to promote the project in India and overseas.

For more details on how to contact us, please click here.